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Writer's Block Prompts 
24th-Sep-2006 01:20 pm [prompt]
Spark Word: Infectious

Write about a black sheep in your family. How did he or she become ostracised? And what are your personal feelings towards this person?

David Sedaris has probably held more odd jobs than any writer working today. And while 'none of which were the type to hand out tax statements at the end of the year', all have served as useful inspiration for his essays and fiction. In books like "barrel fever" and "Naked", Sedaris chronicles his experiences cleaning houses, picking apples, washing dishes, selling marijuana, writing erotica about 'gals who grow to gigantic proportions' for a magazine called Giantess, waiting on tables, stripping woodwork, manufacturing jade stash boxes, helping out on a construction site, and, (most notably) dressing up as an elf for the Macy's Santaland in New York City. Although none of these career choices looked great on Sedaris' resume (actually, he probably never even had a resume) they gave him a wealth of experience for his writing. So tell a story about the worst job you've ever had. Or, if you've been lucky in your career choices, write about the worst job you've ever paid anyone to do- and how you felt about paying them to do it. Or use your imagination.

This time: If any of you have any prompts, I ask you to reply to this with one of them each.
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