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CWN Project
Recent Entries 
10th-Oct-2007 10:45 am - Voting!
The voting for the theme and for the charity will begin today! I'm hoping that there'll be a good turn-out to vote. 
8th-Oct-2007 11:39 am - Another Calendar
At the moment we are still trying to decide on the theme for our main calendar, but we have come up with an idea for a secondary calendar, which will be a lot of fun, I can see already. It will be interesting having two calendars that are very very different. I'll announce the theme for that one soon.
4th-Oct-2007 06:55 pm - Starting Again
So, we're starting again. I do have to apologise for the very long hiatus.
We're starting with the CWN calendar- that is our project for the artists amongst us.
We're currently trying to decide on a theme and on a charity.
19th-Dec-2006 07:24 pm - Art
We're now also going to do a spinoff project, for artists. This will hopefully include a calendar and a photobook. I only announced it today, (actually I only thought of it today) so I'm hoping for the best in terms of responses and logistics. Any profits from the artists amongst us will also go to the same charity. We'll also still be called CWN, but their spinoff I think will be known as CAN. ie, Artist Ninjas. But we'll all be functioning together.
I'm excited about this new spinoff, and I hope you will be too!
7th-Nov-2006 09:45 am - New Affiliate
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
http://www.bluesbros.us/ Blues Brothers Fansite

This is our new affiliate. She'll be hosting our banner on her site. Check out her site! Thanks
7th-Nov-2006 08:05 am - Hiatus [update]
This LJ is designed to tell people about the group project process. Well, I think this involves being truthful about the difficulties as well.
I am still fully committed to doing this project. However, my timing was probably not the best. Most of our members participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those who are not aware) and so we're all taking a break from thinking about CWN for at least a month. It's true, organising things like this *is* like herding cats. Everyone has very different schedules, and we also have to take some time to organise things before we do them. I'm a firm believer in planning things properly before you do them, or at least *while* you do them and before you finish.

The project will still continue. Just, I'm not quite sure when right now. And I guess that's something that happens to a lot of group projects, as well as to writers individually. 'Real Life' just catches up with you sometimes.

On that note, here is a poem, written by a 19th century Australian poet. It's nice to know that writers now and writers then have similar motives, experiences and problems!

Oh the ballad writer rose
Snorting slaughter down his nose
And he drew his pen as though it were a sword
And he dashed it in the ink
Nor a moment paused to think
As the livid lines across the page he scored
Now he wrote of blood and death
While his sulpherated breath
Made the letters dance with tiny flames of blue
And his greenish rolling eyes glaring twice their usual size
Peopled vacancy with warriors strong and true.

“How much longer will you be, c’mon down to have your tea!
Why the mischief can’t you come down when you’re told?
It’s standing in the pot, come and have it while it’s hot
And the sausages are very nearly cold!”
"yes, I’m coming now, my dear” gasped the poet blanched with fear
And the eye that lately flamed was soft and weak
In those accents loud and shrill spoke a warrior woman’s will
And to tea there slunk a poet mild and meek.
24th-Sep-2006 01:20 pm - Writer's Block Prompts [prompt]
Spark Word: Infectious

Write about a black sheep in your family. How did he or she become ostracised? And what are your personal feelings towards this person?

David Sedaris has probably held more odd jobs than any writer working today. And while 'none of which were the type to hand out tax statements at the end of the year', all have served as useful inspiration for his essays and fiction. In books like "barrel fever" and "Naked", Sedaris chronicles his experiences cleaning houses, picking apples, washing dishes, selling marijuana, writing erotica about 'gals who grow to gigantic proportions' for a magazine called Giantess, waiting on tables, stripping woodwork, manufacturing jade stash boxes, helping out on a construction site, and, (most notably) dressing up as an elf for the Macy's Santaland in New York City. Although none of these career choices looked great on Sedaris' resume (actually, he probably never even had a resume) they gave him a wealth of experience for his writing. So tell a story about the worst job you've ever had. Or, if you've been lucky in your career choices, write about the worst job you've ever paid anyone to do- and how you felt about paying them to do it. Or use your imagination.

This time: If any of you have any prompts, I ask you to reply to this with one of them each.
22nd-Sep-2006 03:29 pm - *flails*
Omigosh! It already has a comm and everything! =P I thought we were still on theme deciding part on the forums.

Hi,it's me C.J., and I hope I'm not too late!

*runs off*
22nd-Sep-2006 02:43 am - aka Meerkat here
I just found out about the LJ community, so I'm writing a quick hello to let you guys know that I've joined up.
19th-Sep-2006 06:58 am - *sigh*
"Writer at work" - smashing
Well, I had a great idea, but then it got so big that I now will have to do it for NaNo.

Ah well.

*has a backup plot, mwahahaha*
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